July 1, 2019

"They turned an old and worn-out chair and sofa into a two amazing new pieces of high-end furniture. There were good Hancock and Moore items, but it was almost a they are a showcase in our living room."
May 2, 2019

"Mike did an amazing job restoring my Italian Leather Sofa. Before I agreed to pay for his services, I called him and he was able to provide me with very good advice in reference to cleaning the leather. He is honest and extremely knowledgeable. After cleaning, I made the decision to move forward with his service. He worked for several hours inside my apartment and made my sofa look brand new! I could not believe the transformation. In additional the materials he used to restore my sofa are holding up exceptionally well."
April 29, 2019

"Our leather couch was badly scratched by our pet. Total Leather Care did an excellent job repairing the damage. The couch looks good as new. Very pleased with the results."
February 15, 2018

"We have used Total Leather Care twice for our two large leather couches and just recently for a beautiful Eames chair. Their work was way beyond anything we expected in all cases. They are magicians in their field. I could not recommend this company more highly."
August 4, 2017

"Thanks Mike and John saving my couch! The couch arm got some grease oil and looked really ugly. Mike told me that he needs to clean it first and recolor it to match the color around. He adjusted the color very carefully. Keep trying the color to make sure it matches the surrounding as close as possible. The job took about 1 hour and the finish looked fantastic. Also, Mike is very punctual and responsive!"
Total Leather Care